No Guts No Glory Collection

Granite Paisley Tuxedo
Cobalt Paisley Tuxedo
Platinum Paisley Tuxedo
Apple Paisley Tuxedo

Velvet Dinner Jacket Collection

Black Velvet-22
Royal Blue Velvet-22
Green Velvet-22
Red Velvet-22
Wine Velvet-22

Black Tuxedos

Jean Yves Ultra Slim Fit
Jean Yves Slim Fit
Jean Yves Modern Fit
Ultra Slim Fit Peak
Michael Kors Desire
Michael Kors Obsession
Galante Tuxedo
Neil Allen Black Suit

Grey Tuxedos and Suits

Allure Men Light Grey
Allure Men Dark Grey
Jean Yves Steel Grey
Jean Yves Grey Savoy
Grey Aspen Tuxedo
Grey Dillon Suit

Blue Tuxedos and Suits

Ike Behar Indigo Tuxedo
Ike Behar Indigo Suit
Slate Blue Aspen
Ike Behar Navy Tuxedo
Ike Behar Cobalt Blue Tribeca. TC
Ike Behar Navy Suit
Allure Men Cobalt Blue

Other Color Tuxedos

Slim Fit Burgundy/ Black Peak Lapel
White Dinner Jacket
Tan Allure

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